Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Keukenhof Gardens in Holland

Listed as one of the top 20 most beautiful places in the world, on some list (mind you I read traveling lists all the time....I am a bit obsessed) Keukenhof Gardens in Holland was a trip we were not going to miss out on.

We got up super early as we wanted to do it as a day trip and save a little money on getting a hotel while we were there!! And it worked out really well. It actually would have been an even easier trip if we hadn't gotten stuck in a stau for 40 mins due to construction.

If you have heard of these Gardens you are likely (at least I did) to imagine just fields and fields of flowers. Now there is a viewing point where you can look out over these said fields, but we couldn't get as close as I had hoped to them and from our vantage point through the camera it appeared simply as lines of color and not much else.

But the rest of the Garden is phenomenal!! I mean they have every kind of flower, and combination of flower you can imagine!! It was just a magnificent place to visit!! And I am so glad we were able to check it off our bucket list this year before we move.

Still early enough the fog hadn't quite burned off!!

Reading to entertain ourselves during the stau!

Walking on Daddies toes!!

Was supposed to be Kyra sniffing the flowers, but resulted in Dustin Sniffing them LOL!

Poor baby thought we should have had mcdonalds and than flowers...

These are the Tulip fields I had been picturing!! Pretty still, but a bit anti-climatic.

Bronco's Flowers!!

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