Monday, August 18, 2014

Is it a Boy or Girl?

In honor of being a week out from HOPEFULLY finding out what we are having at our next appointment, I thought I would post a list of the silly wives tales that will supposedly tell you whether you are having a boy or girl. They are highly unlikely since Kyra had a lot of these indicate she was a boy, and she isn't!

Shape of Belly: INDECISIVE my belly isn't big enough yet!

Ring test: BOY (ring makes a round and round motion)

Acne: GIRL (my poor face hasn't broken out this bad in forever if ever)

Cravings: GIRL (craving sweets, sorta only peaches pretty much)

Legs: BOY (where are you carrying your weight?)

Moodiness: GIRL (If you are super moody its a girl)

Chinese chart: GIRL (based off of age and date of conception)

Beauty: GIRL (If you look more beautiful its a boy, less a girl; this may be semi inaccurate as this is  just my opinion and based primarily on my acne all over my face)

Clumsy: BOY ( I can't hold on to anything and trip over stuff it's a bit crazy lately)

Side you sleep on: BOY (if you prefer to sleep on your left side its a boy)

Dad's weight gain: BOY (he obviously hasn't been gaining weight, since he passed a tape test no problem)

Mommy intuition: BOY (I just get the feeling it's a boy I don't know why but when I talk about the baby its always in the He format)

Morning sickness: GIRL (I have been so sick and am still getting sick)

Crave Protein: BOY (Besides french fries I want steak and burgers)

Feet: GIRL (My feet have stayed the same temperature as always)

Headaches:BOY ( I get a headache like every single day no matter how much water I drink etc.)

So the totals are 8 for boy, 7 for girl and 1indecisive.

Now what do you think I am having? I can't wait to hear your opinions!!

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