Monday, August 18, 2014

Prague 2014

So I don't even know where to begin when it comes to this trip!! It was the biggest one we have done in quite a while and I was so excited to go!! I was really sad that our awesome friends weren't able to go with us like they had planned, but sometimes things come up we all know that!! Either way we packed up the car with snacks for the whole 4 day weekend, and lots of books and toys to entertain the little one for the car ride!! Woke up early got some coffee and were on our way!!!

The drive proved to be a very easy one and not nearly as long as we had expected it to end up being!! We only had to take a few stops to stretch our legs and get some Czech Money!

This trip was our first time we have booked an apartment rather than a hotel and I think we do that every time from now on!! It was cheaper than booking a room and had two bed rooms, a living room, and a kitchen it was really awesome!!! Plus it was only a few blocks from a street car station where we hopped on and rode into town on each day!! We were really impressed with the Apartment and dealing with the man who owned it.

Once we were all settled in and more relaxed after the long drive we were on our way into town to see a few sights and find ourselves dinner!!! Having not prepared before we left the apartment we were kind of wandering aimlessly and didn't find a whole lot of the interesting sights but did enjoy the culture of Prague ( Our now favorite city in Europe) And I also forgot to bring my camera which is a shame cuz the little restaurant we ate at was adorable and the food was devine!

 The next day we headed out after having some yogurt and grapes for breakfast for a full day of sight seeing this time with map and Camera in tow!!!

This picture helps show just how amazingly large the buildings in Europe are!! This was my favorite in Prague their national museum, it was BEAUTIFUL!!

It was super sunny in the morning so like dummies we left jacket-less, and instantly regretted it. It was COLD!! So we waited out front of H&M until 9 to buy Kyra and I jackets! Than once we were warmed up it was time to get to the adventuring!!

Fried Cheese Sandwich AMAZING!!

Feeding birds fries

In front of the Astrological clock!! We were really fascinated by this clock and ended up buying a mini version for the house!!

We just happened to be in Prague the day of the Avon Breast Cancer awareness event there was live music and PINK EVERYWHERE!!!!

More wandering and the Charles Bridge

Break and selfies in Burger King!!

Rest of the city by tour train!! Kinda like a tour bus but more fun for Kyra!!

After a long long day of walking and enjoying the city everyone was worn out and ready to be back at the apartment!!

6 weeks pregnant :D

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