Monday, September 8, 2014

9 months into 2014

Holy moly can you believe 3 more months have passed? Means we only have 3 more months before another year is gone too!! Having this list of resolutions to keep up on this year has been very interesting way to track time as it passes and I have to say that although I will probably not reach all goals, I have made a huge dent in the ones I did and I am excited to work on a list for next year!! So here is an update on where I have gotten so far!

Read 12 books. I only have 2 more to go and I am half way through one right now so this goal is obviously gonna get done if not surpassed depending on how busy the holiday season gets.

Blog twice a week So I don't obviously do them 2 times a week some weeks its more and some its less. But I am down to only needing to blog 38 more times and have a draft list of like 32 so I should be fairly close to accomplishing this goal by the end of the year!! And tho I recieve little to no feedback from the blog I hope everyone is enjoying reading and following along with my families adventures!

Run 2 5ksWell with the belly growing this one was kinda taken off the list of my concerns!! It would have been fun but the adventure we are on currently is just as fun!!

Get out of debt We have had this one checked off for a long time now and we are luckily adding up some savings on top of it now!!

Get organized and declutter So this is still not my fortay its something I have never been good at. I have organized areas in my house just for them to return to their previous look weeks later!! Right now Kyra's room is very organized and we clean it up every night before bed.

Maintain my 4.0 gpa I am about half way through this fall semester already!! Hard to believe. But I just got a 98% of my first paper of the semester and I am kinda in shock as I was sure it wouldn't go over as well as I had hoped. But I will take it so I have a 98% in that class right now!! As long as I keep it up I will still have an accumulative 4.0!!

Do 24 photo-shoots So I had no idea what was in store for this year as far as my photography goes I never could have predicted the amount of support I would see. I am going to be sad to have to take leave from it for a while starting in November! But I have to dedicate time to my growing family and the holidays too!! I reached 36 photo-shoots this weekend and by the end of the month will be up to 43 and probably by the end of the year somewhere near 50!! So more than double my goal!! Which is really cool

Go on 3 trips  This one has been done for a while and we have a few more trips left to plan for this year and now a whole extra year to plan trips for too!!

Reach 145/169  Haha I just keep going up up and away!! Okay not that fast but I am gaining now but so is life!! Just means there is a healthy baby in there :D

Get pregnant Last update I hadn't announced the baby thing yet, but now we are not able to hide it anymore so obviously we are pregnant and you have seen a few updates on that but don't worry in a week or two I will write a blog with a bit more detail about how that has been going and on a few other topics!

Well I hope everyone is enjoying the last couple weeks of summer before it is litterally fall and the cold takes over!! (pssst....I CANT WAIT)

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