Friday, September 26, 2014

Kyra is now 2.5 years old!!

Nicknames: Kyra Bug, Bug, Bunny, Boo

Clothing Size: 3t everything such a big girl!!

Personality: I love everything about your personality. You are so funny, making funny faces pretending to be a dog, dancing, singing, and you love every kid who pays attention to you!!

Things I Could Do Without:  Hearing you say NO, NOPE, or any other form of Backtop, it has gotten old!

Item/Toy We Love The Most: Anything that will distract you from throwing fits, climbing on me, whining or yelling about nothing.

Item/Toy You Love The Most:  My Little Ponies, Magnet Horses, Books, and coloring everything!

Things I’m Loving Most Right Now: Watching you play with other kids, chasing you around outside, only using 2 pull-ups on most days!!

Things You’re Loving Most Right Now: Running really fast, pretend play, and making messes!!

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