Friday, September 12, 2014

Yonana's Review

So as many of you know with this pregnancy I have had a sensitivity to dairy products. Luckily it seems to finally be getting better!! But all I wanted was what I couldn't have!! And ice cream was the number 1 thing!! Soy Ice Cream was just not cutting it and Sorbet didn't have the same texture!! But I was online watching YouTube Videos when one girl I am subscribed to did a review about her Yonana's Machine. You can see that video here: 

 I looked it up and was so excited, Ice Cream made with no Dairy at all but with the texture and flavor of ice cream. It only took me a couple days to decide I was gonna buy one. It took about a week and a half to get here, Yay for living over seas haha. And than we had to buy bananas and wait for them to get ripe. Than had to freeze them. So it took us a little while before we got to use it the first time!!

It is super easy the main ingredient you need is Bananas (however you can make it without bananas it just wont have the creamy texture just more of a sherbert feel) and than frozen fruit of you choice. You can buy them fresh and freeze them or we just buy the already frozen kind.

Once you have frozen your fruit, you need to than set them on the counter for about 15 mins you want them to be defrosted a little bit before you start to use them or you ice cream is gonna be very crispy which ours was the first time!!

After defrosting you simply stick the fruit in the hole at the top, and out the bottom comes the yumminess!! Than you just simply mix it all up until its well blended and creamy!! And add toppings if you choose, I think like pineapple chunks would have been awesome too!!

Note that I had not mixed it up yet so you can see where the banana flavor and raspberry are separately...

Obviously since I am doing this review in a positive matter I was pretty darn pleased with this machine. Cleaning takes a whole like 3 mins its very easy to clean if you use hot water and all the parts that actually touch food are all machine washable too of course!!

I give this puppy an A+ its worth buying!!!

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