Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dream big, Shoot high!!!

Scraping the bottom of the barrel and living paycheck to paycheck is totally something we have our fair share of experience in!! We are no stranger to eating mac and cheese a couple times a week to get by. And whose kidding, the kids eat better those weeks anyways haha!! But obviously this isn't where we wanna be forever.

I have always been a goal setter, I mean I dream big as far into the future as 10 years from now, so as short as goals to reach by the end of the day!  Those small goals may seem mundane and useless in the greater scheme of things, but they make me keep looking forward, and trying to reach for bigger and better things each day.

If you don't set goals, how do you know where you wanna go. You gotta set big goals and then figure out what smaller goals will get there. This can be applied to all areas of your life. And sometimes those smaller goals don't pan out. And you have to take a detour, sit down and set new goals. But that is okay!! You learned something from trying and you are that much closer to figuring out your path!! 

Overall my main future goal is to settle down, make a home and be able to raise my children comfortably. And the reality of that might just be that we live broke, learn and get where we need to be.

There have been two things that have consistently for the past 7-8 years been my interests. And that is fitness and photography!! I love them both passionately. They are the things I could do every day and never tire of them. So for me it was an obvious step in the right direction to start my Photography business. I am not making bank loads yet, because it takes a good foundation to build a successful business and I am still learning what it takes as I go. 

Today I decided to take hopefully a good step towards my other passion. I had thought many times in the past about joining beachbody, and have done quite a few of their programs along the way. I don't know exactly what held me up all this time, but finally I stepped up and decided to commit to being a coach. I don't know where this journey will lead me, it may be successful and be all the further I need to go for a while, or it may just be a stepping stone to go even further. Those long term goals will be discussed later once I have nailed them down!! 

But I hope that my feeling inspired today rubs off on at least one of you!! If you are passionate about something, don't hold back, follow your dreams!! It is never too late!!!

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