Thursday, November 17, 2016

Random Ramblings of a WFHM: #3 Washing Dishes

Ahhhh I am back, yes it has been pretty much all year. I am aware, but I don't know where this year went. In a disorganized blur I suppose. And somewhere with it my blog just jumped in the backseat and enjoyed the ride.

But today I am back for a quick post, that I pretty much wrote in my head this morning while trying to do house chores.

If you aren't a parent yet, or work outside the house, and your time at home with the kids involves another adult there with you, you probably look at work from home/stay at home mom in confusion when their house is a mess.

"You are home all day" you think to yourself, and "Doing the dishes only takes a few mins every couples days".

And this my friend is where my blog is going today.

How dish-washing goes when you have a toddler, and no one else around to watch them.

Step 1: Walk into Kitchen, no you won't be doing this alone, so do expect your young child to be at your heels as you walk in.

Step 2: Open Dishwasher. Just to realize the dishes you washed last week are still siting in there. So open up cupboards to put said dishes away.

Step 3: Pick up all the dishes that were in those cupboards, because as you were putting away other dishes, your toddler has managed to pull out every pot, pan, baking sheet, and serving utensil you own.

Step 4: Once your clean dishes are put away, start pre-washing the dishes in your sink. But its of course not that simple, you must locate yourself about 2 feet away from the sink and lean over to do this, as your toddler will obviously need to park themselves directly at your feet.

Step 5: Begin to load your dirty dishes into the washer. But do them one at a time closing the washer door between each dish. Because although your toddler thinks they are helping, it really is more of a pain than anything else.

Step 6: Move your kid to the couch and run back to the Kitchen so you can add knifes into the silverware, pour in soap, and start the washer without the toddler in the room.

Now if you think that doing this chore still isn't a big deal and should be done more often, you probably are clinically insane. Sure I can wait until they are in bed....but lets get real this isn't the only chore that needs done around the house and all of them involve 3-4 time the effort it would for a normal person, and frankly by the time the kids are in bed, you only have the mental capacity to ZONE OUT and drink wine.

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