Friday, January 6, 2017

The Girl on the Train Book Review

Hey you guys, I know its odd that I really let this poor blog go last year, and here it is the 6th of 2017 and I still haven't posted. This used to be my main "social media" but over time my focus has progressed to my Facebook Page.

I am trying to keep up with my blog a little more this week, along with the reemergence of the "Our week in review". This will be increasingly entertaining as the madness of our lives is about to spiral out of control!!

Anyways back to the subject at hand.

The Girl on the Train

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So my mom handed this book to me, it wasn't even one I really had heard of. Yes I know I am off the radar obviously seeing as its a movie!!

I had the semester off and thought what the heck once I finish my last book I will give it try.


So this book is a very interesting one, I don't think I would say it is in the category I would usually read. But I was so intrigued by it. I wasn't sure what to think for most of the book, the author does an incredible job at camouflaging the climax of the story!! You really don't even see it coming, and spend the majority of the book thinking other people was the suspect.

I do have to say that the way the book is written is kinda hard to comprehend and you don't exactly catch on until about half way through the book. I did a lot of flipping back to check which character was talking, and what the date was they were talking in. So that was a little frustrating at first but ever so necessary for the story to be so mysterious!

Over all Rating? 9 out of 10. Because it was hard to follow for a while. But it was AMAZING so if you haven't already you need to pick this book up and go for a ride on The Train!!

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