Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 1: You have me in stitches

If you have been following my blog forever you know that not last year but the year before I would write a week in recap, and really like looking back at those and seeing exactly what was going on!! So I am starting it again this year.

I know this a day late but I was sick as a dog last night so I didn't sit down and write it.

This week was starting out soooo uneventful. I was thinking what am I even going to include?

We drove home from Colorado on Monday, we spent the entire day driving. It was a super long drive but the kids and dogs were so good and we managed to make the trip as quick as possible. But we were all so glad to be home and in our own beds finally after spending the last 2 weeks on Vacation!

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We spent the next day just being lazy I don't think anyone got dressed, or left the house at anytime!! It was so needed.

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Kyra started back to School on the 4th, she wasn't really sure she was ready to be back, but was so excited to tell us about all her friends after school.

On Thursday we went to lunch just the boys and me and it was so nice to spend some time together. Darren was so happy to get our attention and was dancing the whole meal. So as you can see our week started out with just chilling and getting back into a routine. Dustin was still off work and we didn't have much going on.

That is until Friday came, the day was going so great, and we had been really productive all day. And we were in the home stretch. When Kyra comes flying out of Darrens room screaming Darren is bleeding. We go rushing in and swoop him up. Once in the bathroom we finally were able to rinse his hand off and see that his finger was cut really deep. It had gotten smashed in the door. So off we rush to the ER.

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Where we spent the next 4 hours and Darren was so incredibly brave. He stopped crying before we left the house and only cried for the numbing shots. He did great. And it is on the mend!!

Luckly with the way our weekend started the rest of it was much better, I cleaned house all day Saturday and most the day Sunday!!! Got both kids rooms, cleaned decluttered and ready for the move!!

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Sunday I also got to go spend a couple hours with my dear friend, we had a nice kid free walk through the mall!!!

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