Saturday, January 7, 2017

Last year, and this years Resolutions!!

So last  year was a weird year for this blog. I had been so consistent for years about getting on blogging keeping it updated and I lost perspective about why I do it I think. I do this blog as a way to look back on the things our family does. To have a story to go with the pictures. To be able to remember the amazing milestones, and seasons our little family sees. As well as a place to vent, or share my hobbies so in 2017 I am going back to that!!

Here is a recap on 2016 resolutions and goals!!!

24 sessions- I concluded my year with 105 I would say I accomplished this goal!!!

Fix financial situation- Well our vacation at Christmas time blew this one out of the water!!! Here is to hoping we can get this under control someday!

Keep up fitness routine. I feel like even tho I haven't ever managed to make working out just a habit, I do try to do it consistently and I am very strong. I just have a nice layer of protection :D

KonMarie Method. I never fully finished this. I love the idea tho and before our move I would love to really downsize the amount of stuff we have!

Read 12 books. I feel like I may have been close to finishing this one. I am not sure what my count was but I read some good books this year. And most are reviewed on here for you to check out :D

Get good grades. Well this one is for sure a thing. As you can see above that other goals have been sliding but I have been working hard on school!!

Keep up with Blogs, and YouTube. And provide some new content. Uh....yeah

Do a catch up day once a month. I wish I had done this one more!! 

I feel like somethings got focused on more than others. So for 2017 I started a journal that I will be reading my goals once a week, and checking in and keeping myself reliable!

2017 Goals


1.Workout more
2. Read more
3. Work on my blog


1. Work less, make more.
2. Make close to 12k by the end of the year.
3. Only work during specific hours.


1. Declutter ALOT of stuff.
2. Organize more.
3. Create a perfect home in Oregon.


1. Save $100 a month.
2. Spend less.
3. Pay off debt.

1. Eat out only once a week.
2. Be more active.
3. Try a new recipe every other week.

I feel like there are more goals, and they are less specific than usual but this year is going to be a very challenging year for our family!! And the transition moving across the country will be difficult!

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