Friday, July 7, 2017

Our 4th of July 2017

So I love 4th of July, the meaning and the celebration is great. I do get a little bitter when people shoot off fireworks for days before and after. Or the ones that do it until almost midnight the day of. Haha okay enough ranting.

So we always try to make the 4th of July a blast, it is after all the only big holiday in the summer time, and fun to do things you don't do on a normal day.

This year we decided a parade would be a great way to start the day. We got up and ready early and headed to Hope Mills. We had double checked the parade route and headed towards the end of the route so we could find somewhere to park easily. We lined up along the street where hundreds of other people were set up waiting.

The kids were so excited to see the parade, so when it finally came into site everyone was so excited. Until suddenly it turned and went a different way....everyone around us was shocked. One police officer had taken it under his own wing to simply change the route of the parade leaving all of us high and dry. So we grabbed our chairs and booked it as quickly as we could to where the parade had turned.

We were able to catch some of the parade, as the same police officer had some floats, and fire trucks turn towards us, and others went on the original route leaving everyone very confused. The kids were really disappointed that they missed quite a few floats.

However, they still seemed to have a good time!!

After the parade we ran home and had lunch and naps before heading to my dear friend Julie's house!! I was so excited to spend the 4th of July with her and her family, we hadn't seen them since we both moved from Germany! And it was so great to spend the whole evening catching up, and watching the kids play together!!

The girls even with a 3 year age gap got along great and followed each other around all day!! We shot off a few little fireworks at home before heading to Aberdeen to watch fireworks.

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