Friday, July 21, 2017

Swampdog's Baseball, Fayetteville NC

So no summer is complete without going to at least one baseball game. And we were excited to finally find a day this summer where our schedule wasn't jam packed and we could fit in a game!

The Swampdog's are our local baseball team. They have a small stadium across town, so we loaded up and we were off!!

Even as a really small league, they were so much fun to watch play, and they interacted with the crowd non-stop we were never bored!!

The kids loved watching the mascot and his silliness! We almost got hit by a couple balls even being behind the net!

Dustin was so excited to find out we had gone on Nerd Night, and was able to answer a couple of the questions right, winning himself a cute statue of the mascot!

And the kids and I shook our groove thing during the dance contest, and won a free meal at Bonefish Grill!

Over all everyone had a blast, we stuck it out until 10 pm the end of the 8th, before the kids were getting too tired and we headed home.

After an exciting 11 to 0 game up until that point!!

Also fun fact, Babe Ruth gained his nick name "Babe" and hit his first home-run RIGHT HERE IN FAYETTEVILLE!!!

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