Sunday, July 8, 2012

Our travels lately

So we have been going out to some pretty interesting places since we got here, and thought you may find our stories interesting. I just have 4 main places that we have been, and actually went and walked around a lot.

1.Wurzburg: This was one of the first places we went out and saw. It was a little bit of a drive there and both kids were a bit unhappy with driving so much, but we made it up there and found the castle and parking easily. The castle was really cool, so big and beautiful. It was a gorgeous day and a great day for the views you get from the walls of the castle. Kyra was still a little young for this trip and slept almost the whole time.

2.Neroberg Mountain: This was a fun trip. Shorter than the others but was a fun little place to go. Dustin and I had been driving around town on day and came across this old train that went up this mountain and were intrigued so a couple weeks later we decided we wanted to find out what it lead to. It came up to the top of a mountain, where there was great views, and a huge Russian church. And it was right here in town!!


3.Koln: Just yesterday we went jumped in the car and drove. We saw a sign for Koln and thought "WHY NOT" and off we went. And it was completely worth it. What a beautiful place!! The cathedral was unbelievable. It was so huge it blows your mind! And we also enjoyed the river and the bridge we crossed. It was called the Locks of Love.

4.Rhine River cruise: A little over a week ago myself and a couple of my girlfriends out here went on a cruise up the Rhine River. It was a really fun trip, saw lots of castles, and got to walk around a couple really cool towns. Some highlights of the trip were probably getting off in St Goar where we came across an amazing wine store. It was a great experience got to try some amazing brandy, and met the owner who is very troop supportive. Than when we were waiting for the boat home, we got stuck out in the rain, and were soaked from head to foot and than were on the boat as the rain turned to monsoon CRAZY weather here. 

and just for the fun of it here is the Topic of the day: What are the 5 things that make you most happy right now?

1. Kyra
2. Dustin
3. Family
4. Friends
5. Going on adventures with the Hubby!!!


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