Thursday, August 9, 2012

Baby Items that Rock

So I decided that since Kyra will be turning 6 months while we are on leave, it would be a great time before I get to wrapped up in preparing for the trip, to sit down during Kyra's nap and write about my top 5 baby items up to this point!! Because there are so may toys, and things you can use during the first few months it can be overwhelming.

5. My number 5 baby item must have is: A glider chair. We didn't get one of these right away because we thought it was one of those extra items you didn't really need. But after my friend picked one up and I nursed Kyra in it, I decided this was gonna be a must have. We found ours used for only 40 dollars or so and its older but is still really comfy. We just put extra fabric we had over it and it matched the room that way. But for the late/early night feedings and or just nights when baby needs some loving, its the most convenient place to go. You don't have to bring the baby out of her room and risk making her more awake. And the rocking helps keep her relaxed.

4. This item has only just recently became one of my favorites!! When those little teeth start pushing up and making babies mouth hurt, always grab for one of these. Frozen chew toys. Kyra has a foot and a hand shaped one. She loves when they are cold and against her gums it makes her mouth feel better with out having to use any medicine. Which always makes me feel better :)

3.Boppy Lounger. This item we used NON-stop for the first 3.5 months it was a comfortable place for Kyra to just hang out and watch what we are doing. She loved siting in it cuz she could look around better and be more involved in what we are doing! And they are easy to move around the house wherever you are hanging out :) We got this one on accident thought we had picked up a regular Boppy for nursing but quickly fell in love with it!!

2. Diaper changing station. We got one of these from a friend at our baby-shower, and had no idea just how awesome it was gonna end up being!! It is a fold and go type thing, not only is it a changing pad for when you are traveling but it folds up and has 2 pockets for diapers and wipes, this can either be carried in your diaper bag when LO is still small and needs clean outfits a lot or can be used separately when baby gets bigger  and you don't need to change her outfits very often.

And finally number 1!!! My Babyhawk carrier!! It has made traveling, and chores(mostly grocery shopping) about 200 times easier!! Its a quick way to carry Kyra specially when the roads in Europe are so rough. She loves being held so close, and being able to look around easier too!! Plus it can be easily transferred from one person to another without any adujustments!! And you can buy them in any design to fit your lifestyles!! If you have to get one baby item this will be a life saver!! And as they get older they can also ride along on your back!!

Well only 18 more days til we are stateside!!!

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