Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Finally Plane tickets in Hand!!

After fighting to get our leave for the past couple months we have officially bought our plane tickets and are headed home in 20 days!! I am super excited and ready to show off Kyra to all the family!! Now begins the stress of first off getting my house all clean and organized before we leave so that when I come back transitioning into baby proofing as we will be getting close to crawling, won't be so hard. And getting everything together as far as what we are going to bring with us!! And scheduling our time to spread it out between both sides of the family!!

In the mean time I have started reading/doing the book The Respect Dare. For those of you who know what The Love Dare is this is the book that is more for wives rather than husbands anyways its a book that has I think 2 months worth of different "dares" that are supposed to help improve you and your husband's relationship. NOT to say anything is wrong but it's nice to do little things to keep thing running smoothly!! And so far I really do believe it has helped. He doesn't know that I am doing it and such thing such as yesterdays dare was to not argue about ANYTHING all day. This was easy since he got home late, and I started getting one of my complex migraines only like 2 hours later so wasn't much to get on my nerves. Plus he brought home good news about leave so he was on my good-side LOL!! But the point is to journal and use your religion to bring you and your husband closer by realizing the things you do and not blaming him for everything. If you get the time its a great book to read!!

Well the little one just got up from her nap so I suppose I should tend to her! For everyone back home SEE YOU SOON!!!

Fountain in Heidelberg!

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