Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hippie Baby

So I feel like the more I learn the more going natural and trying to save the planet also saves us money!! Cloth diapers may be an abstract concept to most cuz it takes a bit more effort with cleaning but, less likely to irritate, don't have to continuously purchase more, seem more comfy for the baby, and aren't filling up landfills sounds smart to me!! Plus if you haven't seen them lately they are SO freaking cute far cuter than Minnie or Mickey mouse!! And I feel like they are more elastic around the legs and waist so less likely for explosions and that is ALWAYS GOOD!!!

Other things I have learned? Sunshine takes out baby stains, for the win. Bright yellow stain on sheets after wash...4 hours sunlight no more stain!!!

Uh also swear by the Amber necklace, though it doesn't relieve all pain it cut the pain some...not as cranky as often about the teeth ROCKING!!!

Also BFing has been a money saver, and so much more convenient no need to wait for the formula to be made, fresh and ready 24/7!  And the bonding is amazing I love when she is all cuddled up wouldn't trade it for the world!!

And Carriers, hands free, hold baby in a good direction for their digestive system, gives them closer access to communication to help with their speaking, and bonding from knowing you are close by!!! I love EVERYTHING I have learned about the more natural routes. I can see now why so many people who do these things get so inspired its amazing, and super great for your baby!!!

Next step with 6 months right around the corner is how to introduce food. We have done the puree's homemade but so far she hasn't been thrilled. Have done some research on BLW and may try this, and my just accompany it with some puree's we shall see gotta try them both out some more and follow my gut on whats best like I have with all of the Above things :)

Sorry that was a blurted out random blog but I wanted to get it all done and written while I was thinking about it!!!

4 days and a wake up and home sweet home we go!!!

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  1. Yay! Can't wait for you to get here!