Friday, November 14, 2014

Christmas Market Bucket List 2014

Oh be still my beating heart!! It is only 10 days until the Christmas Markets start opening up!!! And yes I am counting down!! So I was so excited to write this and brag about all the Markets we have been to so far. And than I was searching through my blog and I am not sure if I just didn't blog them all or if I am over looking them. But I did find 4 from last year. The big ones, and 1 from the year before so I will link them for you guys!!!

Heidelberg: We go to this one every single time and always at the beginning of the season!! Its a lovely market and we really enjoy making a day of it and slowing browsing through all the goodies!!

Nuremberg: Was the biggest market I had been to by far!! And I was really impressed with not just the size but the variety of things they had also!! It was so cool!!

Strasbourg: This one was one of the ones with the most hype that I wasn't as impressed with!! It was fun as we were with great company, but just not as impressive as we had hoped, that and it was so crowded we could barely navigate through the stands let alone go look at things.

Eppstein: Is in my top markets list for sure. It is beautiful and so small but because of it's size it was also so friendly and homey!! I just fell in love with the little town!!

Valkenburg: Okay so this was another one in our opinion was a little over hyped. It is a Christmas Market in a cave which sounds super cool. Except the cave is man made, has a capacity, and you spend more time waiting in line to get in than you do in the actual cave. And although they did have a few different things to buy, there was little to no food (my favorite part)

So as I said before we did go to a bunch of other Markets but I am not sure what happened to blogging about them.

This year on our list/schedule of Markets to hit are Munich, Frankfrut, Koln, Eppstein, Wiesbaden, Nuremburg, Rudesheim, Stugart, and Koblenz. And those are just the weekend adventures with Dustin along, I hope to see a couple with Erica again this year. But won't have nearly as much time since she is moving middle of the month :(

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