Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween seems to have been a spread out occasion for us and maybe that is why by the day Halloween was actually upon us I was ready for it to be over. First was Halloween themed Bunco with my friends. I posted that picture yesterday! Than we had a Halloween Party. Hopefully my friend Kacie will post the pictures she took of it soon so I will be able to steal them as I didn't take any myself, but I will share that on another blog if this happens soon.

But here we are ready for the party:

So our Halloween week ended up a bit jumbled mess as we caught a flu which knocked all 3 of us on our butts and we didn't do anything for the first 3 days!! So we were stuck with only one night to do Pumpkin Carving and well we only really ended up doing it for the experience and letting Kyra play with the guts, which she wasn't really into.

Here she is digging it out!

I made mine into a cat, and made Dustin make a quick face with his to put out on the mailbox. Done and Done!! And of course baked the seeds which were a hit even with Kyra!!

And next was Trunk or Treat with Dustin's Unit. Kyra decided to be a bear for this trick or treating experience :D She is so cute!!!

And than of course last night was Trick or Treating itself. Kyra had so much fun even if she wouldn't say trick or treat every time without being reminded and had a great time. Sadly we don't have any pictures of it as we were camera less for the night, but this morning we got up and ran to the power zone and picked up a little Nikon Coolpix camera. It is so small and of course the pictures are of lower quality than I am used to but it is going to work well for the holidays until the new camera I ordered gets here. Plus it has good video capabilities so we may be making more videos to post too :D which will be fun!! Specially of the Christmas Markets. Speaking of which Dustin and I are getting our to do list all planned and that blog which will include links to all the ones we have visited previously should be up in the next week probably!!

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