Sunday, November 30, 2014

Speyer, Germany 2014

So I wanted to write this a long time ago, but the concept of having to re-save all these pictures back off my Facebook kept having me put it off! But it was needed to be done since the images are gone with my camera :( But I finally got around to doing it and I am glad to have them all saved on my computer, because we have great memories from this trip.

We took this trip to Speyer to see the Airplane/Car museum, it was our little last hoorah with the Cordells. They have come to be our best friends here and we were sad to see them move. But we were glad to get in this last trip and let Kyra and Liam run around and play and look at all the airplanes, which they both love!!!

Kyra still talks about it all the time, sometimes just seeing an airplane and she starts talking about the boats, and firetrucks, and Liam. She talks about Liam all the time. Now it has been like 2 weeks since they left or something like that, and she is finally realizing that he indeed isn't here anymore :( We look forward to seeing them again hopefully this summer in Texas!!

After the museum we decided the kids were too tired to go walk around in town, so instead we did a drive by of the church which was really pretty!

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