Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hochheim Fest

So I of course went to this festival/market last year!! But Dustin wasn't around to go and so after going once and falling in love with it, I had to drag him along this year!!

We caught the city bus, after the first driver told us we were taking the wrong bus, we got on the same bus and it dropped us off right in front of the festival.

So pretty much all we did was eat and eat and than eat some more. Found out that Mead hot is even better than just regular mead!! And than went on the HUGE Ferris wheel that goes to heights that make me a bit nervous with it being so not blocked in.

Than after we were thoroughly worn out, and Dustin was done being in the crowd we caught our bus back home!! It is so much and I wish I had taken more pictures but I get too into enjoying the sights. That and I didn't get around to adjusting the camera so it would actually stop being blurry. But now we should have more pictures again. That and my new camera HOPEFULLY, will be here next week!

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