Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Kyra's Preschool year!

First Day of School!! Class of 2030!!

Kyra's Favorite Books.
Headed in 1st Day!!

Meeting her new friends!

Walk to Remember!!

Making New Friends!!


First Field Trip!

Last Day of School!!

End of School Year Interview:

My School: Maxdale Elementary
My Teacher: Mrs. Sanchez

My Best Friends: Angel, Wyatt, Colbey, Demaria, Azaria, Mariah, Enrique, Jomez, Jean-Baptiste, Kyra, Avanii, Kori, Mystique.

Favorite Snack at School: Apples and Peanut Butter.

Best Lunch Ever: Jello, and Chicken and Rice.

Favorite School Subject: PE (scooters and hula hoops)

Best Book: Hungary Caterpillar.

I like to write about: Friends names.

Favorite thing to do at Recess: Going down the slide, and playing on the bridge. Pretending to play magic, and hot lava.

Best thing that happened at School this year: Earning tickets to buy things, and the Halloween Party, and the Field trip.

What I want to do this summer: Play in the rain, go to the beach.

When I grow up I will be a Doctor.


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