Thursday, May 25, 2017

Random Ramblings of a WAHM #4: Witching Hour

Let me tell you about this time of day I call the witching hour. If you don't have kids you may think of this as myth goes being like 3 am or something like that, you know when everyone is sound asleep and the spirits supposedly come out. But you know what the true witching hour is SO MUCH SCARIER!!!!!

This time of day is usually mid-afternoon, although can land at different times of day for different families.

You can usually coast through the morning, with breakfast and the TV things stay calm and before you know it, it is Lunch time which is followed by nap or quiet time. REVEL in that quiet time do it now. Even if its only 30 mins you need it. This is when you should logically re-caffeinate. But strangely you still feel great. You have had a good morning with the kids, you made it to nap you can survive the day!

NO NO NO you are wrong. The witching hour is coming. Its the time of day before your significant other has gotten home from work, naps are a thing of history, and snack is just not enough. Also it always coincides with the exact time of day when you need to drink coffee, but you know if you do you will be up night. This is the time of day when your kids choose to LOSE their SHIT!!!

I mean even a child who is a saint picks a time of day and loses it. The dumbest things trigger melt downs. You don't let your kid climb over the rail to the 2nd story balcony, the demon deep inside them is gonna come get you. If their sibling doesn't make their car do the back-flip just the way they did, life is going to end. Nothing during this time of day is going their way, they are miserable, and want everyone with in a mile radius to be aware of this.

This is the time of day when if you ever had any thoughts of growing your family you hide in the closet wondering what the hell were we thinking. The house becomes a complete anarchy, and all you can do is...well probably chores you put off during the quiet morning. SHAME ON YOU. Yes you get to clean dishes with a kid screaming at you about everything that happens to them every 2 seconds. As if doing dishes didn't suck enough before.

This work away from home spouse, is why, even though you may have had a long day at work too. You may be stressed out. And you probably do need a moment to just blow off some steam. You just entered the house at the end of the witching hour. The house a few short moments ago looked and sounded like a war zone. Because we all know by the end of the insanity everyone is just yelling at each other because you have given up trying to negotiate or fix the problem.

The WAHM, or SAHM has had it. They too need to are a lot of work!!! Just be glad they survived the witching hour and only shoved the kids at you. They could have just ran away and never looked back!!

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