Friday, August 30, 2013

Critique me (My portfolio so far)

So this Photo Shoot was my 3rd shoot I have ever done. I never claim to be professional and would never charge someone to take their pictures!! I love doing it as I find it fun!  I think I am learning slowly but surely!! I really could use a new camera and photoshop I am sure that would help with my end products. There are so many folks in the military community who do photography, so I would never be able to get a gig here, but I learn from them and use what I learn on people I am close to in my life!!

As a preview of previous pictures I have taken here is my Best Friend on the beach, we took these for fun!

Than last year I offered to take pictures of my neighbors daughter you may all recognize as Kyra's best friend :D She was just turning 1 when I took these pictures, and now its almost her 2nd Birthday, time goes too fast!!

And finally the rest of the pictures from my senior session that I did with my Nephew!! He was very willing to work with me. So its not much of a portfolio, but I really enjoy working with people I love!!!

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