Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Project 52: Mother

This was the last photo for the project that I got on my trip. I can't say I personally know this mother daughter combo. I was invited through my sister to go to a birthday party at one of her "seeing hands"(sorry if I got that wrong) friends. My sister and all of these mothers are such amazingly strong women and so are their husbands. I can not imagine living with such a difficult thing to surpass. I believe 100 percent that all of these kids will grow up to be as normal as any other child and will have no disadvantage in the long run, but as a child having to learn that your world is a little different than others has to be challenging and confusing. 
But while sitting on the sidelines, taking pictures and just soaking up these wonderful people, I took this picture of mother daughter. It was just too precious!! I don't know their names, and may never see them again but they inspired me for this topic!!

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