Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fall Fun Series!!!

 Hey everyone just swinging by to say: IT'S FALL!! Yup tomorrow it's September and although the first official day of fall isn't until the 21st, I always count the whole month of September in the Fall months!!

And although Christmas is my favorite holiday, Fall is my favorite season!!! Last year I did the 25 days of Christmas Series and got great reviews and everyone loved it!! So this year I thought instead of trying to think up 25 new things for Christmas time, I would celebrate fall!!!

So in the next 3 months be prepared to see (almost) ALL THINGS FALL!! I am so excited to share my love of fall with you and my dear Kyra this year!! So be sure to stick around, because starting tomorrow the fun begins.

Side note: Kyra slept through the night, I think we may have survived the Jet Lag finally!!!

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