Thursday, October 3, 2013

T-shirt tote bag!!

One of many to come craft days!! It was fun, who doesn't love chatting and crafting!!?? We made these in like ten mins, such a fast easy craft!  And once I decide on a couple more shirts I'm gonna cut them up too, and start getting more fresh veggies at markets. It's a lifestyle change I am trying to make since our commissary has expensive not so fresh produce. Plus it involves me more in the local culture!!

So want a quick simple hassle free grocery bag? And have old t-shirts? We all do! Follow these quick simple steps:

Step 1: pick your shirt!! I love the words on this shirt but I have kind of given up wearing any t-shirts anymore aside from working out. And this shirt needs to be seen more!! 

Step 2: cut cut cut. Cut the collar off a deeper cut would probably look better so if you don't have a design your trying to completely save that might be better. Cut the sleeves off as skinny as the straps you want, but don't go to thin cuz it may rip. And cut dashes at the bottom as wide or thin as you would like. And the longer the cut the longer the fringe!!

Step 3: tie all the cuts together in little knots!! Stretch everything out the fringe the handles make it more flexible!!

Step 4: strutt your stuff!! It's fully washable, and durable!! I like it and I know better for next time to make the straps thinner.

I love Erica's yellow bag!! And she did thinner fringe so there is more of it!! Awesomeness!!

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