Thursday, October 3, 2013

How to love working out!!!

1. Set goals.

Make goals that you can achieve I understand for some people they have their mind set on loosing 20-50 lbs but this can often lead to disappointment. It is healthy to loose only like 1.5 pounds a week that is only 6 pounds at the most each month.  So if you take that into consideration you can see why having your only goal being to loose that much weight, it is going to take a long time to reach that and often causes people to fall off the band wagon!

So I think that in order to really start loving the idea of working out it is better to set smaller goals that are easier to achieve. Goals that are great?  I want to loose 5 lb this month. I want to loose inches each week. I want to improve my endurance. I want to drink more water each day. I want to have no excuses and push out my workout everyday.  I think these goals work great because they are easily measured and can be achieved weeklyAnd every time you reach one of your goals you will be able to pat yourself on the back, re-evaluate, and set your next goal a little bit higher so you push just a little bit harder!!

A great example of this would be giving yourself a fitness test at the beginning of a month. With things as simple as crunches, push ups, and burpees. Set your stopwatch for a minute see how many you can do of each. Than after a month of pushing yourself hard retest. You will probably find that your endurance has increased a lot and seeing that on paper is only going to encourage you to keep on keeping on. And before you know it you will get closer to your ultimate goal!

2. Know your options

So I think this is the biggest part of fitness that traps people and makes them feel inadequate. It can be the kill all for those just starting out without any guidance. You really need to learn what your body can handle. Some workout regimes advertise these wonderful results guaranteed. But when it comes down to it, the workout is actually suggested to used by athletes or people who have done that form of exercise for quite sometime. With that being said a beginner can't step up straight into Insanity or the such and expect to rock it out from day 1, and keep up with the instructor and everything. That is not logical. Although they may show you edited moves that can make it a little easier, it really isn't beginner level. And that is just gonna make you very upset when you are dying after a couple days and can't get the courage to even press play.  

I had a similar problem myself. I knew I wanted drastic change and wanted something that would challenge me so I thought I was up to it. I have always felt that once you push play you can't just stop in the middle of the video you have to go all the way through. But there were points where I was so exhausted I couldn't barely move. You want to be sore and feel your workout but you wanna be able to finish it. I also came to find out that Insanity and all its jumping around is just too high impact for me I have always had weak joints and Working out is supposed to improve your life, not make you hurt in a more than sore kind of hurt. I never did finish insanity It was not worth the damage to my joints when there are infinite options of workout that have combinations of Cardio and Toning that are more up to what your body can handle. And I am still challenged everyday!

If your not sure about your options here is a list of few different types of working out you can do and links access the videos!

Beachbody: They have TONS upon TONS of different videos ranging from High/Expert Level workouts to help push athletes to train harder outside the gym, to far easier programs for beginners. Follow this link BEACHBODY. and Shawn Adkins a great friend of mine would love to answer your questions and set you up with a program fit for you. She has fun challenges that push you and is always available to keep you on track along your journey!! Or if you would like to contact her personally visit her website where she has tips, and all her contact info!!

Blogilates: Cassey Ho as I have mentioned in other videos is a Pilates instructor. She has a website BLOGILATES.    Where she posts new workout videos every week, has fun themed work outs, awesome cheap clean eats, and even has 2 workout calenders. One for each month for once you have the hang of Pilates (which can be quite intense, its low impact and looks like it should be easy but you move slow and really focus on the movement of each muscle) and she has a beginners workout that incorporates beginner moves to teach you how to understand the movements, and swings in some harder videos to add a challenge.

DailyHIIT: High Intensity Interval Training aka HIIT. This website provides new videos daily which is grand for those of you who like to keep it fresh. The idea of HIIT is to do a few moves each workout but hard and fast quickly switching between each move. The videos tend to be shorter and you should probably do a couple of them a day so you get up to 20-40 mins of exercise, but they work fast. The only thing I found about this page they do often work with weights and I am still challenged by body weight workouts so I wasn't quite ready. But if you already have a good muscle base and just want something fun and fresh each day DAILYHITT is the place for you!!  

Youtube: There are tons of other things and other fitness instructors that are all over YOUTUBE. They make videos all the time and range from kickboxing to yoga!! Do what is right for you body. If your not sure what is right for your body try a few videos from different categories and do what is fun!!! You don't wanna just do a workout because you sister is. You don't have the same bodies what works for one person may not for another. Your never gonna stick with a routine if you hate it. It shouldn't be a chore.

3. Learn about the benefits.

Man I could go on and on about how good exercise is for you. Not only does it help you reach a healthy weight. It can do so much more. I don't even do it for the weight loss I am just so thrilled about how it helps me in other ways. Here is a simple list off the top of my head there is probably a billion ways that exercising is good for you.

Weight loss
Strong Muscles
More Energy
Ward of diseases (if your family members have diabetes this is a really good reason to start working out)
Amazing Social Network
Improved lung function
ENDORPHINS (Who doesn't like to Feel GOOD!)
Live Longer
It is fun
Helps you sleep

If that isn't enough to get moving, your favorite hobby be it scrapbooking, dancing, or photography are all improved by being in good physical condition. Imagine having a strong enough back to sit up in a chair to scrapbook for hours without having a sore back for the next couple days. Dancing is exercise in itself, wanna go to the club and be the rock-star who doesn't need breaks all the time? Workout and your stamina will increase. Photography? Simple if you wanna get the amazing angles, you may have to bend over backwards or climb a tree, don't wanna hurt yourself in front of a client do you?

Long story short there is NO downfall to getting your sweat on.
4. Schedule it like an appointment. No more excuses.

I think having a planned out workout for at least a week in advanced if not the whole month is a great idea. You are so much more likely to stick with something if you know what is coming and that it is going to happen everyday. Once its already on your calender your less likely to just skip it and come up with a reason why you did. Its a commitment to yourself. Some people even go as far as to set a certain time to do it. I try to my workouts during my daughters nap. But I do like to live more of a spur of the moment kind of life, and have a hard time committing to a certain time of day each day. But I know which videos I am going to do each day because they are written out on the calender (whiteboard) and if I erase it with out doing it by the time I go to bed. THE ONLY PERSON WHO IS GONNA FEEL BAD IS ME! 

 If you can't make a commitment to yourself for yourself, than you aren't enjoying it and its time to switch up your workout so that it isn't something you dread. I often find myself excited when my daughter is getting ready to take a nap knowing I get to do my workouts and improve myself!

5. Track your progress

I know you may not want pictures of your before self floating around on your computer, and if you are really uncomfortable you could at least do it with flattering clothes on its just a wonderful thing to be able to look back on. Some days you are gonna feel like you are getting no where and having that picture to glance at will show that, that is not at all true. Even if the scale isn't showing it (Muscle weights more than fat) you are bound to see a difference if you are pushing yourself.

An even better idea is to take your measurements. I only do the small of my waist, the widest part of my waist generally straight along you belly button, the widest part of your hips where you butt most protrudes, and each thigh. Those are your biggest muscle group areas so they will see the most changes. And even if you don't take these measurements but once a month you are bound to see a difference. Down days will come but nothing helps like amazing numbers to get you right back on working out!!

6. Eating healthy is so important.

Last but not least Food. I am not a physical trainer, I am not a nutritionist. All I can do is tell you what I have learned and what works for me. Eating healthy doesn't have to mean being vegan. It means making sure you get your veggies, fruit, and lean meats. No one is gonna stop you from eating carbs, steaks, bacon, and junk food. Honestly in moderation all of those things are perfectly fine. No one is going to stick to a diet unless they have a chance to indulge. Be it a cheat day weekly, or limited amounts of bad calories a day. Don't cut the stuff you love to eat completely out or your gonna be miserable and craving it all the time.

And one thing I can't stress enough because you need it and because it helps melt off fat is water!! Drink Drink and than Drink some more. I have a culligan dispenser and I drink an 8 oz cup when I wake up, one before each meal, 2-3 during workouts, each time I pee, and right before bed. Cold Water takes longer to digest so is good to help make you feel fuller. And room temperature water is better for during workouts or after workouts as it takes less effort for your body to get it into your system and rehydrate all that sweat you're putting out!! 

For more on my diet read my blog Diet Vs. Eating Right

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