Saturday, October 12, 2013

Living room is spruced up!!

So a couple months ago I got really decisive about the fact my living rooms was so plain. It neededs On my way! Color mostly on this one gigantic white wall that was making me feel like I was in a penitentiary.

At first I had some very ambitious ideas for how to do this. But after having people who offered to help fall through, and than going to look at paint prices on the economy was frightening. I was feeling discouraged because I wanted to do something but wasn't willing to make a 60 euro mistake on my wall. I ended up just leaving the wall white for about a month, not sure whether to go through with it or deal with white for another year and half

Luckily a couple of my friends have kept me thinking about it and I still wanted to paint it. So I decided I was going to do just one wide stripe across the wall to add some color without having to do the whole wall on my own!!

This is proof that a girl can do home improvements entirely on their own!!

I started out with putting up the tape, do not underestimate the amount of work that takes!! Between making it straight across and even distance from the other section of tape. It took me many attempts backing up checking and fixing to get it right. Up the painters tape was pulling up the crappy white paint on our walls so that was frustrating but I figure I have to repaint when we move out anyways!

Next was to get the paint. Having eliminated buying buckets of paint as that is costly, I was told I could get white paint at the self-help store for free, and than came across the paint dye for only 5 euro at the hardware store. 5 euro mess up sounds much more affordable!! 

I started out with a tiny bit of dye and mixed it in until I got the shade I was wanting!! Although I wish I could have painted the wall the marble color it looked like when I was mixing!!

Once I got the color mixed all there was to do was to start painting!! I did one layer with little to no problems!! 

And even managed to take a coffee break while it dried a little!!

I was told to keep the paint brush and roller from drying while I took a break to stick it in a bucket of water which was all fine and dandy until I didn't get it dried out enough and started to paint.. Let's just say it's a good thing Kyra was asleep cuz I certainly transformed into a bit of a sailor. 

Now that the paint is mostly dry I managed to save it for the most part with the paint off the lid, however I think I may try to scrape a little more off or or get white paint at the store just a tiny can to touch it up and the places where the tape ripped off the old paint :( 

Pretty color. It's light but almost silver just what I needed to warm up the room a little, and contemporary too!! 

Here is the spill are all dry, still kinda noticeable but it will survive!! 

With the furniture back in place, and dry! 

Now with all my stuff on the wall!! Don't you just ADORE my two new signs? These were a treat to myself for getting back into school and making the deans list!! I kinda really wanna make our living room into a treasure trove of our travels!! Specially when we get back to the States it represents who we are now as a family!! I believe now that we have traveled we will always desire to travel!!

I obviously am not an interior designer, my wall is off center!! But eventually I'll make it perfect!


  1. Painting sure is an adventure. There is stuff that I still need to touch up from our paint job this summer.

  2. I think travel was already in your blood from your Grandma and Grandpa anyway so enjoy your chances now and make more later!! Wall looks good!!