Friday, October 11, 2013

I am a fitness beast

Haha okay I don't know if I qualify as that. But I am so confident in myself!! I feel great, I eat really healthy, except the occasional splurge. And I don't rely on a number on the scale to measure how my body should be. I can say I look in the mirror and LOVE what I see.

I have been doing  Blogilates for 1 month now and I am so incredibly happy!! I have lost 8.75 inches from my belly, waist, butt and thighs. And a total of 4.1 lbs. I am no where near the weight I have as my goal weight but am beginning to think I won't reach that, as I now have a lot more muscles and that is okay!! 

This picture is only 3 weeks difference as I didn't know I was gonna get so into Blogilates when I started doing it full time so I don't have a beginner photo!

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