Monday, November 4, 2013

A tour of my house!

So this has taken forever for me to do as I tend to really clean one room at a time but by the time I get the rest of the house done, the room I started in needs cleaned again!! This is very normal I am sure.

But I have been wanting to take you on a tour of on post housing in Germany. We were lucky with out timing. We only qualified for a 2 bedroom house when we arrived 36 weeks pregnant. But do to the lack of availability, and frankly the fact I refused to have my child while still living in a hotel they reluctantly gave us a 3 bedroom!!

I have only one complaint about the house and that is the size of the kitchen but I am not sure a women will ever fully be happy with that part of the house seeing as that is OUR room lol!!

My kitchen nothing special and has limited counter space

Dining room, this room is weird shaped but We have managed to fill it decently

My living room Planning on getting a grey rug hopefully soon to add to this!!

Entry way!!

Extra room, this room has no real purpose at this time, however the couch does pull out to a bed so if we have guests :D

Guest Room Bathroom and me tehe

Laundry in the hallway!! Kind of annoying but its alright!

Our main bathroom!! This is the biggest bathroom I have ever had <3 br="" it="">


Kyra's room, this one is my favorite!!

Dustin and I's room!!

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