Sunday, November 10, 2013

Project 52: Colors

So I feel like it is time for an update on everything that has been going on!! I am currently 2 weeks into my 8 week course of women studies I currently have an A with a quiz under my belt!! So although the reading material is dreadfully boring, the class isn't half bad.

Also if you haven't already noticed I have gotten a new camera!!! And started to really pursue my interest in photography!! Maybe someday when we are back in the states where there isn't taxes and stuff to worry about I will be able to make money off of it. But for now I am simply doing it as a way to learn the ins and outs of photography!!

Today I did a family photo shoot so they could have pictures for Christmas Cards!! It turned out great and I will do a blog about it later!! Yesterday I also did a photo shoot of Kyra!! One of which will make it onto our Christmas Card!!!

But while waiting for them to come to the shoot today I had a chance to photography the beautiful colors of the park!! Fall is such a colorful time of year. Here are the 3 Prettiest colors I saw while I was there!

On another note I would like to thank everyone who comes and continues to come back and read my blog!! Because of you I have reached over 10,000 views!! That is amazing!! And proof that I am doing something right :D

Sorry I haven't been writing that much in the past week or so, I have somehow managed to get a virus that only affects a couple things on my computer but one of which is my Blog and it only allows me to see one line of text at a time so it is more difficult to read what I have written!! Hopefully when Dustin gets home he will know what to do!!

For complete list of all pictures from my Project 52 follow this link to Resolutions which has links to all of my project 52 blogs.

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