Thursday, November 14, 2013

Scrapbooking your Christmas Cards

So although my time for this activity that I so so so love doing is very limited with house chores, working out and homework I do occasionally get to indulge!!

And thanks to my super awesome Aunt/2nd cousin, who has been awesome about hooking me up with scrap-booking supplies which are hard and expensive to buy here, I have been pulling out my supplies far more often!! I really do love documenting my life and fully intend to finish both the monthly and the yearly scrapbooks for Kyra and when I do I will share bits and pieces of them with you.

But as a quick project, that didn't require me to dig through pictures and supplies all that much I scrap-booked the Christmas Cards we received last year!! I originally saw this on Pinterest probably or maybe one of the many blogs I try to read. But either way I thought it was a brilliant way to save the picture cards each year and be able to look back each year at the different people who have come and gone in our lives :D

So here is Christmas 2012. Such beautiful people aren't they :D

And on an entirely different note that I wanted to brag about but didn't wanna make another blog about because it isn't all that exciting. We are doing another round of potty training, with the same methods as before and Today was a really great day not only did she go pee on the potty but went number 2 for the first time too!! She finally got enough stars to get her book prize and is just short of a toy!! Although I do count anytime that she starts peeing on the floor and I rush her to the bathroom to finish and she finishes on the potty as a star! But progress is progress even if its slow. Maybe it will be like weight loss slow progress is progress that sticks? Lets hope!

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