Saturday, November 30, 2013

Ice Skating in the Park!!

So I am so excited to show these pictures, you may recognize this beautiful couple from their fall shoot I did about a month ago. I have been actively planning out winter shoots for all my past clients who wanted to come back once the snow falls. But I was tired of waiting and wanted to have more pictures to work on. Smiling faces of my friends always makes the weekends more enjoyable!! And this was no exception, plus I got to be part of a really fun winter activity with them!! I hope you enjoy this preview of their winter photo shoot as much as I do!!

And look who else showed up to join the Sanson's ice skating!! Gosh they are such a cute family!! These are just a few pictures I snapped of them having such a blast. It was the girls first time skating and they were on the ice and going like pros!!  But don't you worry once Germany decides to get some snow I have a wonderful Idea for this family's next photo-shoot so stick around for more cuteness!!

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