Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Air Balloon Show in Fuquay-Varina, NC

This was such a fun festival to be a part of. We got up at 4 am (way to early for me), packed for the 45-60 min trip, woke the kids, and we were on our way. In case you are wondering, very little is open that early in the morning so we headed to Fuquay-Varina empty bellies and eager minds.

The drive was actually really fun, there wasn't a trace of traffic, and we got to enjoy the sunrise on our way there. After arriving and finding a place to park, we raced off to the event before the balloons took off without us.

The kids were so excited once they realized what was going on and we got a close up view of the Re-max balloon being taken out and blown up. It was a really cool learning experience and the man holding one of the ropes to the balloon was super awesome telling us how things worked, and exactly what the Air Balloon Competition was and how it worked.

So the race was, in the field we were standing in there was a target and a lead balloon. The lead balloon had a banner hanging off of it. The other balloons were set up in a field behind some trees. Once the lead balloon was up the others were able to start blowing their balloons up and take off. They had to then proceed to our field, and drop "dart" for lack of better word, onto the target. They would be awarded points for accuracy. This brought some of them very close to landing to get their aim right.

After dropping their dart they had to follow the lead balloon to the next target, and proceed to do the same thing. I am unsure how many targets there were. But then they were also awarded points for being the quickest to finish the course.

We watched them all drop their first darts, but since the rest was located further away we adventured to check out the stands. Unfortunately, nothing else opened for a few hours, and I knew by then the kids would be too tired to walk around. So we made our way home, but we all had so much fun going to the show! And can't wait til next year.

The guy in the yellow was the helpful guy from Re-max.

The lead balloon.

My favorite balloon!

So funny story here. The Re-max balloon was tied down as they were a sponsor balloon. When they tied it down at first Kyra freaked out she thought it was going to be lifted up by the balloon. haha.

Cool view from right below :)

All the balloons coming down to hit the target.

So bumping balloons isn't dangerous, only if the baskets bump.


For a fun video that goes along with the story check out this video we made for our Youtube channel also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFv5nmwKSoc

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