Thursday, June 8, 2017

Kid's first trip to the Beach!

One of the most exciting things about our move to North Carolina has been knowing we will be close to both mountains and the ocean!

So it didn't take us very long to pack up supplies and make our way the 2 hours away to the beach!

We were all really excited, Dustin and I hadn't been to the beach since Hawaii, and the kids had never been at all!! The drive out just couldn't go faster!

We first tried to go to Wilmington beach, but since it was a Saturday we drove around for an hour and couldn't find any parking less than a mile away, so we decided to drive up the shore a way to Carolina Beach. We spent far too much time driving around there also, before finally finding a spot by a house a couple blocks from a beach entry spot!!

We scurried to the beach in a hurry, all so eager to feel the sand between our toes. We set up camp, and everyone ran to the water.

The kids were ever so eager to splash and play, or so they thought. It took Darren all of 3 seconds to realize he wasn't a huge fan of the waves, and HATED the feeling they gave him when he looked down as they went back out. His over enthusiastic run away from the ocean was a sight to see.

Kyra was also not too enthused with the ocean at first. Maybe it was too cold, or just to strong, but she wasn't sure about it. So we set up camp in the wet sand to makes some sand castles.

Darren was in heaven, what boy wouldn't be, given permission to sit in dirt and play for an hour. He enjoyed his beach time and we only tried one more time to encourage him to go in the water, which ended in tears. Maybe next time. Kyra on the other hand, along with a trusting hand of Dad was more willing to play in the water and enjoyed racing the waves, looking for seashells and helping Dad catch a little crab.

We all had so much fun, and after a couple hours were ready to head for a snack, and ice cold drink and head back home!

We can't wait until our next trip to the beach!!

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