Friday, June 16, 2017

Book Review: The Unlocked

Guys guys guys, I am so excited about this one I bought the next two in the series minutes after I closed this one. We are talking its THAT GOOD!!! I was sent this one to review, and I am so glad she sent it my way!!!

This book is so good from the first page all the way through and ended on a cliffhanger that made me NEED the next book.

The main character Charlie is lovable and so real. You are immediately drawn to her and can't wait to see where her story leads. Finding out she has super powers and is likely not the only one is so exciting, and when she finds the school she belongs in the adventures just keep coming.

Without giving away too much story line, you will be drawn in from the very start and the author gives away nothing as far as where the story will lead next. There are so many exciting twists and turns!!!

If you love a little sci-fi, and mystery get this book now. While it is still free for Kindle!!!

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