Monday, June 3, 2013

1 mile goals

So as to not to overwhelm myself during my first semester back in the school game, I am transferring my normal high intensity interval training which can take anywhere from 20-60 mins to get through to simply going on a run after Kyra goes to bed! For the time being it is going to be just a mile until I am able to run the whole mile. This is more challenging than it seems as the route I am running is on a hill so part of it is up hill. Last Monday I ran it in 12 mins but did walk quite a bit. I am hoping having my friend Candice running with me will help me to push myself to another level. Once I can run a mile non stop or manage to get my mile under 10 mins than, I plan to extend my run to a different 2 mile route.

I am hoping the running will help me continue to burn calories without taking as much time as a full workout would. Maybe doing all cardio workouts will just burn off the fat like I need it to than when school is over I can work on gaining muscle.

All this while trying to maintain as close as humanly possible to a 4.0!!

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