Thursday, June 6, 2013

For my Wine Lovers

So to my dear friends and followers,

A friend of mine just the other day showed me this wonderful site where you can design a tee-shirt and make it as personalized as you like. Than if you are able to reach your goal of how many you would like to sell, you can get them printed for a really cheap price.

The cool part about it is not only do I get the shirt I made that is really cool. But I will also make a small portion of the profit!! Which would be so great since getting a job around here and being able to spend anytime with Kyra is really hard to do. It wouldn't be much unless I sell like 100's but my goal is at least 30 for now.

So if you want to be able to help me make a few cents, and get an awesome shirt out of it, just click the link below and press buy now. If I don't reach my goal all money will be refunded and the order will be cancelled....which would be sad to me. We have 2 weeks to reach this goal, I think we can do it!

I would love to do a blog of pictures from everyone who bought them wearing them!!! So buy one and you get a MAJOR shout out on my blog :D I love you all and hope that this being my first "business" attempt will be a good one!!


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