Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Starting school

So I started class Monday. And I have to say ahhhhh....that is a breath of fresh air. Although I feel like I am constantly needing to work on something. I feel like more of my life has a purpose instead of just sitting around the house doing nothing but cooking and cleaning. So far I have gotten all my work done for the week and it is only Wednesday!! So now I can move on to the reading for next week which is awesome I hope to stay ahead of the game for the next 7 weeks complete these classes with high remarks!

I am currently taking Psychology and American History. I am expected to read anywhere from 3-6 chapters a week total between the classes. And than answer 3 or so questions a week in regards to what we read. Than in Psychology I am expected to be involved in class discussion which means responding to at least 8 other students replies to the questions. So far the classes are very easy to me, but I do feel like I am learning. Really the only thing I am worried about with these classes are the two research projects. Mainly because being online classes I am afraid finding reference material may be a little more tricky also using it properly. I am so used to going to the library nose in the book and doing research for a few hours and I don't know how well I would be able to do that with our small library here.

But for the most part going back to school has been a wonderful choice. It may be keeping me busy, but its a good busy.

Hey also guys so I don't have to write a whole other blog Candice and I were able to cut off a whole min from my mile time!! So excited!! We run again Friday. So maybe I will be able to push myself even further this time :D

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