Monday, June 10, 2013

What is going on around here.

Alright just as a really quick update on our life...I am writing this after just having written a 3 page response to my Psychology homework. So if I seem a bit formal in my writing that should explain it.

So what do I have going on currently?

Lets start with my Physical goals: I am trying to run a mile 2 times a week and increase not only my time but how much of it I run. This is a simple goal and helps me to de-stress a bit from school, and everyday life. And it takes less than 15 mins of my day. Along this same area I am trying to make sure that I put in an average of around 2 miles a day. This includes walks with the dogs, and Kyra during the day also. Learned my lesson last week tho and will only be walking in sneakers my feet are all sorts of blistered from doing so in other shoes.

Now onto my goals with Kyra and Shade: Kyra and I are working on her using her words. She knows a lot more than she says but has been doing much better about asking for what she wants. Though even though I don't use signs with her for much, she does sign somethings which always gets me pumped up. Starting in September, MAYBE depending on where we are and what is going on, I want to start potty training and hopefully it will go smoothly As far as Shade, she has a long ways to go. She is your run of the mill average puppy and acts accordingly. She needs to be socialized more so I have planned out a dog park visit once a week with her friend Dexter. They both just love the chance to run around and play in the mud. But during the evenings is her big training time. Her and I go on a long walk and work on heel, sit, and stay. She does well until we come across another dog and she looses her focus. Also trying to work on her peeing in the house and chewing on things she shouldn't. My mom just sent a box full of toys for her so hopefully that will help with the chewing thing!!

School and household: I think my biggest challenge in all this is time management. I have never been able to manage my time well and with the invention of Facebook I spend far too much time wasted. I fully intend to get 100s all semester and pass my classes with high remarks. But at the same time I have to make sure I don't just let all the housework go to the way side, as a messy house is not a productive one. Plus I wanna keep coming back and talking with you all!!! So you are gonna get my late night after class ramblings haha!!

So If all of that wasn't enough the army just threw us a nice curve ball, that I intend to hit out of the park. This one leaves Dustin headed on a mission for 6 months in the states at very little notice....which of course means RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of my stinking semester. Which is gonna be a pain in the neck when it comes to term papers and finals. But I know with help from my awesome neighbor and other friends I will be able to pull it off. Him leaving for 6 months also gave me an opportunity to go home for an extended amount of time. And I am so excited to start making the plans soon. The only challenge to this is going to be deciding if I should take a class next semester and if I do which one would be best and will I be able to either take the final while I am stateside or if I will be back in time to take it here?

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