Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fun facts about me

31 things you probably didn't know about me. 

1. I am an overachiever. I love to have a full schedule and do really well in everything I do. Proof of this is in my school work I am always one of the first people to finish my homework.
2. I am super lazy, given the choice between exercising, cleaning, and sleeping, I would choose to take a nap any day.
3. I am a total animal lover; I want to adopt every sad alone dog or cat I find. I am also slightly obsessed with both Rabbits and Horses. Guess that is because I grew up around them.
4. I love love love to draw, paint, scrapbook, and do any craft I can. Just the resources out here are a little bit harder to find and more expensive, so I don't do it as much as I wish. As you probably all notice since that section on my blog has been lacking quite a bit. But I do have one lined up just gotta find the time to do it!!
5. I love to drink wine it is my poison of choice!! It is so freaking tasty and I am spoiled in we live in the Riesling area of Germany!!! Riesling is my favorite!!
 6. I am also very addicted to Dr Pepper. I am a non-believer of addictions but sometimes wonder cuz I will get cravings for it. I know its terrible for me but It tastes so good.
7. Christmas is my favorite Holiday. If you have been following along for a while you could probably tell as I did a whole 25 days of Christmas Series this last year. This coming year I get to spend it with my family for the first time in 5 years. Although sadly I will miss the Christmas Markets and Gluwien while I am there.
8. My male celeb crush is either Gerard Butler, or Skylar Astin. And my female celeb crush is either Mila Cunis or Zooey DeChannel.
9. Sniffling is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves, unless you are on a run with a cold and have no choice in the matter, just freaking find a tissue and blow your nose.
10. I have a closet full of scrapbook stuff and I am obsessed with the IDEA of scrapbooking. But I never sit down and do it like I want to because I am afraid once I start I will never put it down. I really need to since Kyra is already almost 1.5 and I haven't finished her first year book!!!
11. I hate trying on jeans, so I am down to only 2 pair that fits and doesn't have holes.
12. Family is very important to me and I would do just about anything to help them out.
13. I have a very bad sense of  what looks good, so I have a hard time trying to decorate my house, or put together nice outfits.
 14. I love to blog. I don't know if my blog is very interesting or what people like to read about, but it is such a good way to express myself and I have a lot of wonderful people who follow and read my blog every time I post.
 15. I actually like watching a lot of Kyra's shows, and have been known to sit and watch them even when she is asleep.
16. I am bit OCD in that I have to write down everything into lists and have on going lists for chores, schedules, meals, and even what blogs I wanna write about.
 17. I find cooking very relaxing, specially when I am not rushed, and get to try new recipes. I think trying new stuff is just too much fun.
18. I LOVE German Festivals and Markets, even tho each pretty much has the same thing, there is NEVER a shortage of amazing food and drinks. So I just love going and enjoying the food and people watching.
19. Since graduating from high school, I have lived in 6 different places. Haha that is a lot considering it has only been 6 years haha.
20. I am shy. I don't like to make calls to people I don't know, and like to have Dustin do that talking with people I don't know well. I think this can come off as stuck up, but really I just am a big baby. Haha. I dunno why I have regressed back to it so much more. In College I was so different, tho alcohol makes me less shy so that could be it since I think I was drunk most of college hence why it only lasted a year. 
22. I despise folding clothes, and washing dishes. All other chores are bareable. But those two are always the last things done.
23. Traveling is the spice of my life. I am so thrilled by all the places I can say I have been, and I have a whole list of places we plan to hit still before we move back to the states.
24. I absolutly love to do my hair and makeup and try out new styles!
25. My life wouldn't be the same with out music! I love country music mostly and it just reminds me so much of being home and of my family.
 26. I love to exercise even if its not the first thing I choose to do. I do it because I love the way I feel afterwards at least on time when I don't over do it!!
27. I often think when people ask what your hobby is I should answer Dancing. Because anytime I hear a good beat I just wanna get up and dance. My daughter has gained this trait from me.
28. I am also an avid reader too, well when I have the time, that isn't taken up by school work.
29. I have 3 little tattoos. One is a rose in a secret place haha, that is for my family. One is the stars on my shoulder, the only one that was just because I liked it. And the 3rd is the Celtic heart on my arm which stands for wearing my heart on my sleeve.
30. I have a hotheaded temper. When things make me mad I don't know how to just calm down and get over it, I tend to blow my fuse when people piss me off.
31. If we were to get pregnant today I would want it to be twins. A boy and a girl!

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