Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Adding to the family!!

    I have been eagerly awaiting writing this blog for weeks. I wanted to write it during the process, but than if something somehow would have fallen through I didn't wanna get my hopes up. Not until she was here and safely in our arms!!!

    But after much consideration and discussion, although we still really miss Huck, we decided our family just wasn't whole without a four legged furry friend in it. And since Dustin is allergic to cats, and we really are just dog people, we opted for a dog. What really set it off was meeting our good friend Dawns two pooches who are just so sweet and wonderful with kids. We knew Kyra needed to have a puppy to grow up with like we had.

    So here we are sitting in a foreign country, thinking where do we even begin the process of finding a dog for our family? Buying a purebred was out of the question as we didn't have a thousand or so euro to just throw out there. German pounds wont adopt out to Military (I think military has the reputation of abandoning their pets). So we were in a hard place or either waiting who knows how long for someone who wants to get rid of their dog or to do some research. Well that didn't take long. I saw on my newsfeed some post from two friends about how they were adopting dogs. I had previously pretty much just skimmed past them not thinking much about it, but I went back this time and looked at what they were talking about.

     All they had was great things to say about FAPF (Foundation of Animal Protection in Füzesabony) a no kill foundation from Hungary who finds and saves animals from the street and helps them find new families!! I was really nervous as was Dustin about getting a dog from another country and over the interenet. So we looked into it, found ones we were interested in and started talking to them all the while watching and waiting to see how their adoptions went! Once the first family got their dog and was proof the that place was legit we started the process!!

    At first we originally fell in love with Abigel a little brown Dachshund. She was such a cutie, but we had waited too long and she was already on her journey to her new family. So we sat down the next night looking at the dogs who were still available at the time! And it only took a few mins to see that Shade was going to be the perfect little girl for our family!!! The picture we first saw of us made us fall in love her little ear sticking up and the other one down!!

    All of the people associated with this FAPF have been the most helpful, and caring people ever. Shade first started at a foster house with a few other dogs while they were waiting to see if someone was interested in being her forever home. Once we showed interest, they soon sent her to another foster family. This family had young children so we were able to see how she was going to do with Kyra!! She was so sweet with them. And getting a picture of her daughter holding onto her, and hearing that they were sleeping together at night made me fall even more in love. While she was with them, FAPF got her spayed and she spent a few days with them as she first started to recover until she was ready to be transported. 

    Than she went to her last stop with the drivers until they were able to leave and head to our house. It took them quite a while to get here as it is a long drive from Hungary to here. But the driver was so sweet and he seemed to love her almost as much as we did when he brought her up to us!! I would reccomend anyone living in europe looking for a dog to consider going through FAPF to find yourself a little family member!! They are so amazing!! I have nothing bad to say about them, they were so helpful throughout the whole process. And they really do look out for the well being of the dogs!! 

   Shade arrived to us today and it was love at first sight. I squealed like a little girl when the driver brought her to the door. And she was such a sweet girl giving me kisses right away. Although she was a big skittish with her new surroundings it only took about 30 mins for her to be more relaxed!! Than Kyra woke up from her nap, and Shade was super eager to see what was making the noise in the back room. Kyra was also very excited to find that there was a dog in her house. They were immediate friends. Shade was even rolling around and onto her lap within mins. I can certainly say that they really did find us a perfect match!!! She is house broken and has been here all day with out any accidents, she has been drinking water and now after adding some canned food to the mix has started to eat some food also. She has to wear a cone til we get her stitches out, and than for a couple days after that, but I think she will be fine in no time as her incision seems to be healing quickly!!!

checking each other out!!


playing right away!!

In her body suit, to keep her from chewing on her stitches

Passed out after a long day of traveling, and our first long walk as a family!!


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  3. Hi
    I found your blogpost when googling for families with small children that has adopted dogs through FAPF.
    My wife and I have 15 months old son and used to have a German Shepherd, Rex. We had to give away Rex because a large dog became to much for us, and we'
    re hoping to adopt a new dog this year.
    As parents with small children, are you happy about the choice you made by adopting a dog throug FAPF?

    If you have a long answer, feel free to answer me through Google+ or Facebook