Monday, May 13, 2013

Project 52: Rain

     Well they say April showers bring May flowers. It seems that spring came about a month late and so we are getting the heavy down poor of May showers. But I am not one to complain about that. I prefer the rainy weather over the snow, or the heat that is headed our way in the next few months. And it was also perfect for me to go out and get this picture for the Rain theme!!

     I noticed these the other day, when dandelions get wet their seeds all stick together. And soak up all the water!! I thought it was pretty cool to look at so after the big storm rolled through this afternoon I was so excited to go take a picture of it. I love this picture, although even tho I planned to try to do no editing I have to admit there was a bit of exposure changes in order to get the details to be easier seen!! But I love you can see the little rain drops!!!

     I am trying really hard to get caught up this week with pictures, but unless the rain slows down it may not happen for a while!! But I hope you enjoyed today's picture!!

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