Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Update, 6 months resolutions.

     So I was gonna wait to write this until the 1st but than Kyra decided she was gonna sleep all day, tho had I joined her it would have been a 30 min nap but that is okay I was able to sun tan, eat lunch, and get everything thing ready for next week!! So although I miss all our time we would normally be playing I am glad she is sleeping she must need it!! She slept in til 9 than took her nap at 11 and is still in there at 2.

   Well anyways its been 6 months since the year began, yup we are already half way to 2014 can you imagine. But at the beginning of the year I started 3 resolutions:

1.Save money
2.Loose weight
3. Be positive.

I would like to say coming into this month we are doing great on all of the above....well that would be a lie. Things have been going a bit crazy it seems. My dad came to visit in March which was amazing and I am sure you all saw all the great things we were able to do while he was here. That being said we spent a lot of money we should have been saving. But it was worth it to see many great places in Europe and experience it with family!! But we have gotten my student loan which was defaulted and owed over 3,000 dollars down to under 2,000 which to me is a big deal! I can't wait to have that done. We are paying 50 dollars a month until it goes out of default status than we will pay it off so it won't be until about February next year that we will finally be out of default and can pay our tax return towards it one less thing to pay.

Also we are still paying towards the car, I am unsure how much we still owe as of today, but we pay 500 a month on it so hopefully we are getting down. And we are paying 260 to insurance every month. So with all that going out monthly its hard to save but we are managing to keep 1000-1200 in savings. We could cut back on spending, specifically in the eating out range. But sometimes a girl gets tired of cooking dang...

As far as loosing weight I have adjusted this goal. I have realized that worshiping the scale isn't gonna make me happy. So I have changed my goal slightly to only 5 lbs at a time, but focusing more of my time now on improving my 1 mile time I figure if I set smaller goals I will more likely acheive them and soon be at my original goal. My 1 mile run as of last night is 12 mins exactly. I wanna try to knock a min off a week until I am well under 10 mins. Than I will start adding distance!

And with being positive I try, but I am a girl who is run by her emotions and they sometimes get out of control! But I am realizing in order to be more positive and happy person I have to be happy with the person I am. To do this I am doing things I enjoy, like tanning! I am improving myself with school which I start on monday, with writing my blog and getting tons of views each week, and with trying to be a better wife. By getting my home life(aka chores and house work) under control. A clean house, good meals, and happy hubby makes a happy wife!! So lets hope we can keep all this going.

Speaking of school, don't be surprised if in the next couple months you hear more than you ever wished to about psychology and history as I will probably start blogging about it. But don't worry as busy I figure I will be I know I am gonna do at least a couple cute crafts this summer with Kyra she will still be getting most of my attention, haha I just may be sleep deprived!!!

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