Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pretty like a princess!

After sitting and watching a bunch of makeup tutorial videos I felt inspired to make one. But lets be honest none of you wanna see me stutter my way through making a video. I think I will stick to just using my words and pictures! Besides I really only know one way of doing my makeup so it's nothing special. So instead I thought (although it is out of the harm for what I normally do on my blog) I would show you all what make-up I use on a daily basis.

I always start with lotion! I use Olay total effects, I used to use Aveeno but ran out and sent hubby to the store to get more and he came back with this kind. At first I was offended because it is an aging lotion but after using it a few times I fell in love! I really like the texture of it on my face!

After my lotion absorbs into my skin I start to apply my foundation, I am a long time user of Mary Kay foundation. I absolutely love the coverage and it matches my skin tone just perfect! I just use a very light layer rubbed in like lotion to even out my skin tone with out covering all my freckles.

Than I apply concealer I use Maybelline in fair that I just recently bought, I am still not sure I like it. I used to use physician's formula that had green on one side and my color on the other but it was getting old!! I use it to cover blemishes and the dark under my eyes. But this new kind seems to get into my wrinkles and makes me look old.

After I have applied this all, which really isn't much I try to keep it all very light, just covering it up a bit. Than I use a light powder from physician's formula. I love this powder!!

After all the basics have been applied I do blush I use mineral effects from Sally's wonderful product, very pigmented and it takes very little to go a very long ways. I also use hot mama from Sephora it is fantastic for when I go out I love the shimmer it has in it. At the same time, but very rarely I use bronzer. It is also mineral effects from Sally's. Gotta love minerals and how nice they feel on your face.

Onto the eyes, where I also keep it very simple. I start with just a simple brown or black line on my eyelid along the lashes. Than I apply eyeshadow. For the bare essentials look I wear silky caramel by Mary Kay, for a little more coverage I use the amber blaze, and for night time I use island bronze which is a gel shadow. I guess you can say I am stuck in some brands of makeup. Looks like I use mostly Mary Kay and Mineral effects or physicians formula.

 The final touch is mascara I use cover girl in dark brown. So as you can see I don't wear much makeup, and doing a video would have just been boring for everyone. Haha honestly this blog was probably just as boring. But I thought it would be fun. Don't worry this isn't going to become a usual thing, I will be going back to things I know better like traveling, crafts, and taking pictures!!

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