Sunday, May 19, 2013

Project 52: Selfie

   So I cant say I took this with my camera, and I can't say that I did anything to exciting as it is a normal picture!! But I took weeks thinking of a creative way to take my own picture, but since I don't have a remote for my camera, and I don't have a tripod, and my timer only lasts up to 10 seconds, and my camera is auto focus so you have to hold down the clicker to get it to focus so you can't really do it than run and jump in the picture!! So I said to heck with it, if I want this picture done I am using the Ipad!! And so I waited until I found something that just screamed me, and what say me more than me laying in the sun?  Maybe that isn't original, but I think the one place where I felt the most like myself, where I didn't feel like I was trying to be something else, or was just being quiet and keeping my personal self to myself was in Hawaii!! And laying in the sun reminds me of being in Hawaii so this was perfect!! Sorry for all the boob, but not much I can do about it lol

For complete list of all pictures from my Project 52 follow this link to Resolutions which has links to all of my project 52 blogs.

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