Sunday, January 13, 2013

2 weeks of Insanity done!!!

Another quick blog to see where I am going!!! This week's workouts although the same as the last weeks seemed so much easier!!! Today was a relief day and I enjoyed being able to just stretch. But makes getting back into the working out on a Monday that much harder :S. But I will get up and push play and not regret it!!! This week I did the Game Day video which is where the other videos are supposedly training you for. It was way longer and really hard but at the end I was super happy to have finished it with very few stops!!!

The results are starting to come in my opinion. And It is making all the work worth it!!  Here is the picture from before, and now at week 2 done :)


  1. Good for you Sabrina, keep it up!

  2. With Insanity you do get results right away. I felt like my core got strong right away. Maybe I will try it again for 30 days instead of 90!

    1. haha mom says you only did 30 days the first time anyways!!