Thursday, January 24, 2013

Project 52: Made with Love

        Still working on catching up on the photography challenge. I feel like I certainly don't have enough experience with my camera. I need to take out my manual and start getting a better idea of how to use the important parts of my camera. Thank goodness my close friend is going to do a little class for a few of us to learn how to use them better.

         Here is week 2 tho I was happy to have the sun out today because I could take this picture without worrying about the weird shadows from over head lighting. This little box is something my Grandparents made for me. My grandpa works with wood and my grandma loves to paint. The color is perfect but what makes this so valuable to me is I had my wedding at their house. We were living in Hawaii at the time, and couldn't bring my bouquet back on the plane without probably destroying it. So I left it at her house as a center piece for her table. A couple months later I received this beautiful little box with all the flowers dried out inside of it! Such a small item so much meaning and love.

     I tried to get a close picture so you would be able to see the flowers inside of the box. And changed the aperture to use the sun light to get the color of the box too.

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  1. What an amazingly thoughtful gift! And the box is so pretty. Definitely a treasure. :) Thanks for sharing it!