Monday, January 21, 2013

Project 52: Resolutions

          I was able to spend Kyra's nap time working on taking a picture of the week 1 theme!!! You all know my resolutions so they are hard to really photograph both Financial Stability and Positive attitude. I know that part of the challenge is to use your imagination as far as the composition of your photo. So I was working on Different angles and stuff to try and get the best picture of my Dave Ramsey book we are using to help get our money in order!! I really need to figure out how to use my camera better. I think this picture could be clearer, and I need to figure out how to make the background out of focus.

For anyone who would like to join in on the fun before you're too far behind here is the list of themes for each week!! If you do it I would love for you to post the link of your blog or picture wherever you post it onto the comments of the matching blog I write!! Would be very cool to look at everyone's choices of pictures. The possibilities are endless!!!

Week 1:  (Jan. 5th) - Resolution
Week 2:  (Jan. 12th) - Made with Love
Week 3:  (Jan. 19th) -Drink Up
Week 4:  (Jan. 26th) - City Lights

Week 5:  (Feb. 2nd) - I Dreamed A Dream
Week 6:  (Feb. 9th) - Fog
Week 7:  (Feb. 16th) - Still Life
Week 8:  (Feb. 23rd) -Water

Week 9:  (Mar. 2nd) - Self-Portrait
Week 10: (Mar. 9th) - Flowers
Week 11: (Mar. 16th) - Shadows
Week 12:  (Mar. 23rd) - Reflections
Week 13:  (Mar. 30th) - Details

Week 14:  (Apr. 6th) - Man-made
Week 15:  (Apr. 13th) - Fragile
Week 16:  (Apr. 20th) - Humor
Week 17: (Apr. 27th) - Rain

Week 18: (May 4th) - Opposites
Week 19: (May 11th) - Eyes
Week 20: (May 18th) - Silloutte
Week 21: (May 25th) - Animals

Week 22: (June 1st) - Laughter
Week 23: (June 8th) - Reading/Books
Week 24: (June 15th) - Street Photography
Week 25: (June 22nd) - Candy
Week 26: (June 29th) - Lips

Week 27: (July 6th) - Sunlight
Week 28: (July 13th) - Relaxation
Week 29: (July 20th) - Music
Week 30: (July 27th) - Defeat

Week 31: (Aug. 3rd) - Bokeh
Week 32: (Aug. 10th) - Black and White
Week 33: (Aug. 17th) - Textures
Week 34: (Aug. 24th) - Night
Week 35: (Aug. 31st) - Motion

Week 36: (Sept. 7th) - Glamour
Week 37: (Sept. 14th) -Patriotic
Week 38: ( Sept. 21st) -  Childhood
Week 39: (Sept. 28th) - Candid

Week 40: (Oct. 5th) - Fall
Week 41: (Oct. 12th) - Color
Week 42: (Oct. 19th)- Old
Week 43: (Oct. 26th) - Love

Week 44: (Nov. 2nd) - Make Believe
Week 45: (Nov. 9th) - Beverages
Week 46: (Nov. 16th) - Looking Out
Week 47: (Nov. 23rd) - Mother
Week 48: (Nov. 30th) - Food

Week 49: (Dec. 7th) - Perspective
Week 50: (Dec. 14th) - New
Week 51: (Dec. 21st) - The Kitchen
Week 52: (Dec. 28th) - Family


  1. I am doing a similar Project 52 and am blogging about it. I would like to know how you created the links to your Project 52 posts in this post.

    1. I just simply went to one each of the posts and took the url from the address bar. Than I returned to this post under edit. Found the topic that it corresponded with highlighted the word and pressed the blue link button. When the window pops up you just put the a fore mentioned url into the space provided and it will link that page to the page with the list of topics